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Payment Methods

We currently accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, US$ and Cdn$ denominated checks drawn from US or Canadian banks, and US$ and Cdn$ denominated money orders.

  • Credit Cards
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. You may give us your credit card information via online orderform, phone or fax.

  • Checks and Money Orders
    We accept US$ and Cdn$ denominated checks drawn from US or Canadian banks, and US$ and Cdn$ denominated money orders by mail. It is our policy to fill your order as soon as the check clears, and as soon as we receive the money order. If you require a refund, it will be sent by check - a $5 charge is applied if you require the refund to be credited to your credit card. Please mail your check or money order to the address listed at the end of this policy statement.

Shipping & Handling Charges

There are NO TAXES charged to US orders, applicable taxes apply only in Canada.

Shipping charges are determined by destination. All U.S. destinations are the same price, $4.95 and are shipped UPS, or USPS, are insured and are trackable at any time. The shipping charge is for ANY SIZE ORDER. That's right, you can order as much or as little as you like for the same s&h charge. All Cdn destinations are approximated on our orderforms and may be slightly more or less based on location. International orders are charged at $17 to $25 US and may be subject to increases based on weight - the customer will be notified for authorization.

Continental US Delivery Schedule for regular stock items

We ship UPS. The package is insured and is trackable using our integrated online tracking system on our website.. An express courier upgrade option is offered (when available) for an extra fee.Our turn around is one business day.

Shipping times are:

7 business days - California

5-6 business days for western states and some midwestern states

4-5 business days for central north and south states

3-5 business days for eastern and southeastern states

Please make sure that you enter your address correctly. We must charge you for shipping if we have to re-ship an item because of an address error.

Returns - Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our merchandise. If you are unable to successfully refill at least one cartridge and technical support cannot help you, you may return any item for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling. Our money back guarantee extends for 3 months from the date of shipping.

If you receive a defective item, please call us toll free 1-888-661-9224. We will issue you a full refund after you have returned the damaged product.

In most cases it takes about 3-4 weeks to process a return.

* Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.


376 Churchill Ave Suite 107

Ottawa, Ontario
K1Z 5C3

Check or money order payments:
99 Fifth Ave. Suite 191
            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
            K1S 5P5
Our Privacy Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This means that we will not distribute, sell or rent your name or personal information about you to any third party. We do from time to time contact you to update new developments in the industry.

Of course, we will cooperate fully should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer.