Ink Refilling Tips


Refilling Tips.
  1. How to avoid a mess

  2. How to clean up

  3. Pressure equalization

  4. Dried out cartridges

  5. How to extend the life of your cartridge

  6. How to avoid any problems

How To Avoid A Mess

When you are refilling an ink cartridge, you should do it over some newspapers, or better, an old rag or shirt. Cloth will soak up any excess ink immediately and is easier to clean up. Once you get used to refilling, a mess will no longer be an issue.

How To Clean Up

The first time you refill a cartridge, you might get a little ink on your hands. To get the ink off, wash your hands with soap to remove any excess oils and use a mild bleach and water solution. Then wash with soap and water to remove the bleach and excess. Once you get use to the process, you shouldn't get any ink on your hands.

Pressure Equalization

Generally an issue only for HP type cartridges, the best way to get optimum performance out of you printer cartridge is to let it the pressure stabilize properly. When a cartridge is emptied the internal pressures are upset. When you refill it, the internal pressure must reset before it will dispense ink effectively. Some cartridges require you to re-pressurize them with a plastic squeeze bottle that you have to blow into the air hole. Some cartridges simply require that you let them sit for a small amount of time before re-inserting them into the printer.

Specific instructions will be given to you with your specialized refill kit for your printer make and model. Simply follow your directions carefully.

Dried Out Cartridges

The number one refilling problem is waiting too long to refill your cartridge. When you don't fill up your cartridge right away, the ink will dry and clog the micro holes at the outlet of the printer head. This can lead to all kinds of problems, the foremost being that your ink won't be able to get out! It is strongly suggested that you keep two cartridges, one in the printer, and one that is always filled. Keep the filled cartridge in a ziplock bag. Refill your spare cartridge immediately upon running out of ink and you will never run into this problem. If you don't have two cartridges, just make sure that you fill up your empty cartridge as soon as it is out of ink, and do not wait. Even 20 minutes can ruin a cartridge if left dry. If you don't have any ink available, wrap the cartridge in a moist towel or napkin and seal it in an airtight ziplock bag.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Cartridge

The only reason cartridges have a limited refill life is the resistors that control the current to each outlet jet. When a cartridge runs out of ink, the resistors can overheat and burn out. Most printers will warn you of a low cartridge before it completely runs out of ink. At the first sign of low ink, refill or top off your cartridge to ensure a long refillable life!

How To Avoid Any Problems

Make sure you follow the instructions that come with your refill kit. Different makes and models have different instructions, so even if you know what you are doing, it may differ with a different printer! The easiest way to avoid problems; Follow your directions to the letter.

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