Testimonials from our Customers...

Here are just a fraction of the glowing testimonials from actual customers of ours. Because we own several online companies, some testimonials may repeat themselves throughout. We strive to help people everywhere save money on printer refills. If we can't (doesn't happen too often) we give them their money back! We appreciate all who have contributed to this list, particularly those who have circulated our URL.

Again, thanks to everyone, sorry we can't show everyone's thanks here. Here we go...

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your refill kit.
After receiving the kit, I immediately started in filling my color cartridge (BCI 21). It took about 20 minutes total and I printed a page after finishing. It was perfect and has been working flawlessly since. I have 2 children who love to print out color pictures and I do a lot of document printing so I estimate your system will save me
about 40 dollars a month. I've already told some friends and family about your service. I hope to send some more business your way.

Scott Curtis
ICQ number: 2731060

Dear Sir,

I recived my refill kit yesterday and was very pleased with the time in which I recived my order. I was also very pleased on how easy it was to refill my cartages. I had no problem what so ever. Had no mess and best of all it only took about 15 mins. to refill both a color and black cartrage. You have yourself a very happy customer and all my future ordes. Thank You so very

One Very Happy Customer,
Francis J. Clark
Rochester,New York


We received your inkjet refills, and they work Great! I was worried
about my ability to fill them, but it was
really easy. I was also concerned about the amount of time that my
cartridges had been empty, and whether or
not they would still be functionalbe, No problems there either.
Thanks, and we will definately be using this method again, and your

>> Lisa Boutilier
>> Lisa A. Boutilier

We received our ink - Thanks. It works great! Refilling the cartridges was easy.
We compared several different types of output using the refilled cartridges to the original canon cartridges. There is no difference in color, quality, etc.
The ink worked so well that I ordered more (bulk ink) today. We are very >> satisfied and I thought we would provide you with some feedback.

Thanks, Eric

I used your product and it worked wonderful and I didn't spill a drop.
Thank you for saving me money and time.
Your satisfied customer
Rodney DeBalko

I thought your Ink was a hoax . My Epson Stylus color 600 , is doing as GOOD if not better than it was with
the factory ink .
Boy , was I wrong , this is great I can turn out more Photographs than ever with never running out of ink
and I think it looks better than the store bought ones ! Listen I really appreciate your refills , its gonna save me a ton in ink .thanks again !

Brendan McCahill
McCahill Enterprises

I received my refill kit yesterday and filled my empty cartridge last night. The operation was as easy as your literature said and the patient did NOT die. My printer is running like a champ on your ink.
Thanks for the moneysaving help
Jack Higgins


I just received your Lexmark refill kit for my 2050. It was much easier
than you stated and it works great.

Thank you,

Ken Sussman


Dear Sir.
I recently ordered and received a refill kit from you for my epson 400
printer. I am writing to inform you that it worked perfectly. I will be
contacting you again when I need more of your product for I am very
satisfied with the results of the ink I used.
Again thank you. Kenneth J. Skinner



I got them today. Read the instructions.
RE-read them cause it seemed a bit too easy. Performed the task and was
off and printing with absolutely NO PROBLEMS whatsoever!!!

Thanks for the service! Count me a a customer for as long as you offer the

Hey Justin,

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menu. The banner may not show up if the clock ticks aren't just right. So
hit RELOAD or REFRESH a couple of times. It will show up eventually.

These refills are so easy and economical I really don't know why I didn't try
them before. I am in the advertising business and you really need to get the
word out! This is just great!


Hi Justin!

We got the ink today, and are very satisfied with it. (So are my customers!)
Was wondering what size that bottle is in ounces.
(We are looking to start buying bulk and are comparing.)
Thanks very much for sending it out UPS.