FAQ about inkjet refill kits and ink jet bulk ink cartridge refills
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  1. How much money will I save?
  2. Are your inks as good as the original inks?
  3. How can I stop wasting my leftover coloured inks?
  4. Will refilling my own cartridges affect my printers warranty?
  5. Is it difficult to refill cartridges, how long will it take?
  6. Is it messy?
  7. Is ordering over the internet safe?
  8. How many times can I refill a cartridge?
  9. What comes in a refill kit?
  10. How long will your kits take to get to me?
  11. Can I set up an account with you?
  12. Can you refill my cartridges for me?

How Much Money Will I Save Refilling My Own Cartridges?

The savings range, but refilling is approximately 1/4 of the cost of a new cartridge. These savings increase substantially based on how much ink you buy. Savings can be much more for certain models, for example, the HP Inkjet 300 black refill costs $21 for 4 refills. A new cartridge would cost $39.99, but only costs $5.25 per refill. Refill prices can go as low as $1 and $2 per refill on the majority of models.

Are Your Inks As Good As The Original Inks?

Better! We use high performance inks that have the exact same chemical and physical properties as the original inks. However, our inks use new submicron technology, that reduces the chance of clogging (more so than the original inks) and increases printer performance and definition. Our inks are like premium gas for a car, making the machine run smoother and more efficeintly. The blacks are blacker, and the colours more vibrant.

One Of My Coloured Inks Runs Out Before The Others, How Can I Stop Wasting The Other Inks?

You might notice that your yellow chamber, in a three chamber colour cartridge, usually runs out first. The great thing about refilling your own cartridges is that you no longer have to waste the other inks. Simply refill the yellow chamber and top off the others!

Will Using Refilled Cartridges Void The Manufacturer's Warranty?

The manufacturer will suggest you use original cartridges because they are concerned about inferior ink clogging or ruining the printer. There are inferior inks out there but rest assured ours are not inferior. They are most likely more concerned that you will stop using their product! The ink that we use is identical in chemical composition to the original manufacturer's ink, but actually improves performance. You will never have a problem with your printer due to the refilling process or our inks. One tip though; If you ever get your printer serviced by the retailer, or bring it in for service, take out the refilled cartridge. The reason for this is because the retailer that sold you the printer will probably have their own parts and service warranty plan, and to save themselves money, will probably blame any problems on the refilled cartridge. Printer techies can be very convincing, but be assured that any problem with your printer will not be due to the fact that you are using refilled cartridges. In fact, our ink will improve your printers performance!

Is it Difficult, and How Much Time Will It Take Me to Refill My Cartridge?

It is not difficult at all. It is a simple process that once you get the hang of seems ridiculously easy. Typically it takes 10 to 15 minutes the first time you do it. When you master the process it usually only takes a few minutes to do the refill. It saves you a trip to the mall to buy a new cartridge, and can actually be quite satisfying, knowing you are saving so much money!

Is it Messy?

If you are careful, it shouldn't be too messy. You should take the proper precautions ...afterall accidents do happen! At first, you might get some ink on your hands, but it really isn't a big deal. The ink can be removed quickly by using a mild bleach solution. Soap and water can also be used but may not be as effective as the bleach. After you get the hang of it, the chances of an accident will lessen.

Is Ordering Over The Internet Safe?

While no credit card transaction service is 100% secure, ordering from a secured ordering service online is absolutely the safest way to conduct a credit card transaction anywhere! It is safer than using your credit card at a gas station, restaurant, or through a telephone ordering service. However, if you still have reservations and want to order the conventional way, we have set up several options for you.

  1. You can call our toll free number to order with your credit card (quickest).
  2. You can mail or fax in our order form and send a cheque or money order along with it
  3. You can fill out our electronic order form without the credit card information. Send the order and phone us toll free at 1-888-661-9224, or 613-234-9801 if you can't get through. Have your Visa or Mastercard ready when you call.

Choose whichever option makes you feel most comfortable.

How Many Times Can You Refill A Cartridge?

Most Cartridges can be refilled at least ten times. There are ways you can prolong the life of your cartridge so that you get as many refills as you can for maximum savings!

  • Use two cartridges, one that you keep refilled all the time, and the one in your printer.
  • Never let a cartridge run dry. Always keep the extra cartridge full.
  • Get in the habit of topping off your cartridge instead of waiting until it runs out.

What Comes In A Refill Kit?

Everything you will ever need is included in the startup kit. Depending on the make and model of your printer, your kit will include detailed instructions, a squeeze bottle, a syringe for inserting the ink, a full ink bottle, and sometimes a small drill. Whatever your make and model, after you have purchased the startup kit the only additonal cost will be for the ink alone.

How Long Will It Take For Your Kits To Get To Me?

That depends entirely on whether you request a rush delivery. We ship through UPS to ensure your product arrives safely without delay. You can request quicker service, but our standard shipping is a 3 - 5 day delivery. If you are having your cartidges or toners refilled by us, you can expect a 1 day service and the standard 3 - 5 day delivery.

Can I Set Up An Account With You?

Yes...and with a number of interesting options. If you use a lot of ink or have many printers in your organization, you can set up an account and be billed each month. This is absolutely the most time efficient way of ordering, for it only takes a phone call to place an order. If you are using the refill service you may also utilize a revolving service to cut time considerably! When you call to order a refilled cartridge, we send it out to you right away and all you have to do is send us your empty cartridge. We stock the extra cartridges for you! If you are ordering in volume and have ascertained your ink needs for the month you can set in place a standing order and have a set amount of ink set out to you each month, without the hassle of monthly ordering!

If I Don't Have The Time To Refill My Own Cartridges, Can You Do It For Me?

Yes. You can send us your empty cartridges in the mail and we can do it for you. It does cost a little bit more than doing it yourself, but the savings are still substantial! We can also set up for you a revolving service so that once you are set up, we can send you out your refilled cartridge when you order it, instead of having to wait for us to receive the empty one.