What We Do

We specialize in inkjet refill kits, bulk inks and new cartridges for a wide range of printer makes and models. We have been in business on the internet for 6 years and have served over 100,000 customers. These thousands of people are saving money using our popular refill kits - why shouldn't you be one of them?


To get the scoop about our inkjet refilling kits from the most qualified source, read what our customers are saying about our refill kits and inks!

Our Products Include


Refill Kits

Easy, quick, clean AND you save 80%+ of the cost of a new cartridge each time you refill! Check out the sidebar for your printer model.


Bulk Inks

After you have purchased the refill kit, you need only buy bulk inks to bring your cost per refill down even further! Perfect for high volume users, schools and small businesses.


New Cartridges

Compatible cartridges range in quality and price. The cartridges we carry have been chosen from over 20 suppliers and then tested in our own facilities. Guaranteed OEM quality or your money back. The only compatible cartridges that we will carry.

Information about Refilling...

We have some great resources for you like FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and refilling tips (top navigation bar) that have all kinds of tips and tricks from extending the life of your cartridge to cleaning your printer heads.This information is very valuable so make sure to bookmark our site to refer to when you are refilling.

Smile! You are about to save a lot of money!

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